Yup, that's me. Blackberry in hand, I'm the roving reporter. I live in Silver City, NM. My current obsession, (and there have been many, just ask my wife) is social media and the internet. What a powerful tool.... The ability to post anything, video, pictures, text, from just about anywhere.

   I'm a very lucky guy.......... Married my beautiful wife, Amanda, on Aug 11, 2007. .

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  We had our first child, Vanessa Anne, on July 30, 2009. The name Vanessa was derived from Van, which is my father-in-laws name. Had Vanna been a boy a more a masculine Hispanic name would have been chosen to reflect my blood line, Ricardo or Armando.
The two prettiest girls ever!!

   Together we own Gila House Hotel & Gallery 400. Which is located right down town Silver City. Downtown Silver City is a big part of our lives.

During the week I work at Hidalgo Medical Services as a Dental Hygienist. I work at the Community Health Center in Lordsburg, NM, Monday-Wendsady and at Med square in Silver City on Thursday.

The drive to Lordsburg.

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  Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on January 30, 1968. My family later relocated to Idaho Falls, Idaho.My mother Christina Flores was born in Mexico and My Father, Estille Deaton, was born in Kentucky.

Fourth Grade Class Picture(below) this was my first year in an Idaho school.

After Graduating from High school in 1986... I spent 6 years on active duty. I was assigned to a nuclear powered Fast attack Submarine

  I estimate that I have about 14 months of cumulative sea time on board submarines. My longest underway was 76 days. I know people who have had 100 plus days of underway, and 4-5 years of cumulative sea time.


I graduated from US Navy Scuba Diver School at Pearl Harbor in 1991.

Newly Shellbacked Sailors on shore liberty in Brisbane Australia . Thats me there with Hobart Kirsh.

  Development of Art, culture and style in Silver City New Mexico is My Life. This includes first foremost my the health and welfare of my immediate family (Vanessa and Amanda), success of Hidalgo Medical Services, success of Gila House Hotel and Gallery 400, success and  development of a positive cultural vibe that will enlighten visitors to downtown Silver City.