Monday, October 4, 2010

Today in Silver City......

Monday, October 4
    Arenas Valley Water Assn Board.  8 am, 41A Kirkland Rd. 
    Public Hearing on the Little Rock Mine.  5 pm.  Grant County Administration Center Commissioner's Chambers.  Hearing called by NM Mining and Minerals Division on a previously mined site that is proposed for active mining by Freeport-McMoRan as part of the Tyrone Mine. Mining proposed at Little Rock will create a 190 acre pit and associated 40 acre haul road connecting the site to the Tyrone Mine where the ore will be leached and processed.
    Town of Hurley regular meeting.  6 pm, Hurley Town Hall, 101 N Cortez Ave.  537-2287. 
    Community Food Into The Future  City Chickens, Gardening and Aquaculture.  6:30 pm, Wellness Coalition. 409 N Bullard.  A community roundtable discussion hosted by Alliance for a Post Petroleum Local Economy (APPLE). Speakers include gardeners Hillary Nichols, Martha Egnal, and Alex Corondoni; Bill Melendy of GilaHydro, will moderate and speak about soil building. Bill Melendy, 5307989520,
   Open Mic.  Buckhorn, Pinos Altos. 

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